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    track matte the answer to cover up tracking points?

    Netcommercial Level 1

      HI All,

      Thanks for looking in. I am kinda stuck here on an approach. I have some tracking points added on set I need to now patch, or cover up. I was directed to Track Matte them but I am not having any luck doing so.

      The shot is a pan up so the added patches will change color as the cam pans up. (if I were to create patches in one position, by the end of the scene those patches no longer match).  I would like to use the same footage but masked or matted to use as a patch as that will change with the pan.


      I tracked my markers and have the info pasted in a null, but I am stuck as far as masking the duplicate layer to use a spot next to each marker to cover or matte the footage.. Is that clear enough?

      In other words I want to use the area above each marker and place it over the marker as to not show it.

      Without having to buy some script....