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    Raw file error


      I'm having a problem with opening my raw files.

      I have no free space on my macbook therefore I can only save on a hard drive, and that causes a lot of problems. When I try to save a raw file on a micro sd card for example, it won't save. An error comes up saying that the file isn't recognisable. I can not back up my computer because of this error nor I can't save any files on a hard drive. Please help me, I need help desperately!


      Oh and I've tried to change the dng file into a jpg and also this error showed up..


      I have tried to download dng converters and a canon 6d update software. Nothing helps

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          Yammer Level 4

          I'm not a Mac person, so I'm only guessing, but shouldn't you be concentrating on gaining some free space, rather than banging your head against failed workarounds? Is there nothing you can delete to create some free space? Certainly on Windows, things go seriously downhill when you have no free disk space.

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            Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

            Ditto what Yammer said. Get yourself a portable hard drive (be on the lookout for sales/clearances; you can find a good deal on a decent one for storage purposes) and clear out that sucker.