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    sony raw color matching profiles still missing in version 6


      hi all,


      I have sony a65 and purchased lightroom 4. Unfortunately, the camera matching color profiles (standard, vivid, landscape, portrait etc.) are missing for raw files. It only shows "adobe standard".

      Therefore, I use lightroom only to manage files and process jpegs, not raw files. Using the adobe standard (or 3rd party profiles like from Maurizio Piraccini for raw files is not an alternative as it yields unpleasant colors.


      I downloaded trial version 6, hoping that these profiles had become available and i'd finally be able to process raw when needed. Unfortunately, it turns out that new version 6 doesn't have these profiles either.


      I did a bit of research and found that NEX7 and NEX5n which were released at the same time DO have color matching profiles but a77 and a65 DO NOT. Yet, all of these are from August 2011.


      Can something be done to solve this issue as I currently cannot utilize the power of lightroom to the full extent.


      For example, why is it not possible to provide the same profiles from NEX7 to process files from a77 and a65?