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    Help With A Project " XML Photo Gallery"

    Dunkyb123 Level 1
      Hi all thanks for taking the time to look at this post,

      I have made a Photo Gallery using Xml but im having a bit of trouble getting it to work, What i mean is that i have saved my xml gallery as a .swf file and im loading it into a loader componet of another .swf file.

      The gallery is the screen shots for my Clans webpage. But when i load the gallery .swf file into the themain.swf file i get no pictures or captions.

      I used a tutorial to make this work http://www.gotoandlearn.com/ Flash XML Basics video.

      My website thats in development can bew viewed here http://www.theoaps.co.uk/Support%20Files/Index1.html (please note this is still in draft as we are trying to include xml to make the swf files smaller)

      The Gallery file can be viewed here http://www.theoaps.co.uk/Support%20Files/GScreens.swf (this works but the buttons do not go to the next picture)

      The Actual .fla file is here http://www.theoaps.co.uk/Support%20Files/GScreens.fla

      Please Please Please can someone help me with my problem (not the drinking problem) this is driving me made and i can't understand why it is doing this