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    Scripting browse all frame

    Export Mocap data

      I am coding a js to export Motion Captune


      -> myLayer

      ----> Motion Captune

      ----------> myTracker


      2015-05-12 11_15_50-Adobe After Effects CC 2014 - MoCap2.aep _.png


      How might i use a loop to browse all possition of trackpoint on timeline and get parameter of X and Y of it?

      I had use script with comp object, layer object, effect object, but not yet with time, keyframe, and Motion Captune yet.

      I follow AE Export Spine JSON: AnimationToolkit/AE Export Spine JSON.jsx at master · schuhschuh/AnimationToolkit · GitHub but when run, it alway has some issue: "Unable to execute script at line 1019. After Effects error: Unable to call “property” because of parameter 1. The range has no values."


      Anyone know, please help me! I want to captune my action from real and send it to Spine for game making with lose cost!

      But Spine has no Motion Captune, so I use AE.


      Thank you!