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    Cancel implementation in Adobe Premiere Pro CC plug-in



        I am working on Adobe Premiere Pro CC r2 plug-in SDK to develop HEVC_Encoder exporter plug-in.


        I modified SDK_Exporter example to integrate our H.265 Encoder.

        I have done most of the job, I am able to get H.265 encode working.


        But I am unsuccessful in getting the CANCEL working.



           I worked with SDK_Exporter example. When the cancel button is pressed, it enters the "exportReturn_Abort"  condition and it breaks, but it is not able to return from the function (RenderAndWriteAllVideo) to main function (exSDKExport).

        It Hangs and no response.



        I created a thread to update the "progress" from the main function (exSDKExport). the progress the periodically update by calling "UpdateProgressPercent".

        when the user intend to cancel "exportReturn_Abort", the "progress" thread return to the main function (exSDKExport) and performs the rest of the code in the main function, after that the function (exSDKEndInstance) is not called to release all the suits & to perform the closing sequence. The Next RUN doesn't work properly.


        Please help me to implement CANCEL facility in my Adobe Exporter plug-in.

        Thanks in Advance