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    Network Settings for Mobile Apps and "Send To" Function


      Can anyone tell me what network settings I need to change to allow the mobile apps (Adobe Draw, etc.) to send to Photoshop/Illustrator?


      I am using the mobile apps in my classroom, however we are unable to send to PS/Illustrator on our network. When I take a laptop and iPad home the "send to" function works perfectly.


      On a side note, Adobe Comp works fine on the school's network but no other Adobe mobile app work there.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

          It's odd that Adobe Comp is sending to Illustrator, but Adobe Draw is not.  I was going to suggest that it was some kind of account mismatch.


          I recently learned that the computer labs at my school are wired in a unique way, but even barring firewalls and strange subdomains, if COMP is working, then it stands to follow that DRAW or SKETCH should as well.


          I'm not on my campus until Thursday, but I'll definitely run a test to see if logging in with my CC account at school behaves differently from what I see at home or at the studio.