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    Digital video problems

    Level 7
      At the beginning of my Director movie, I'm using a digital video of a
      person who walks on the stage and introduces the program. I
      green-screened the talent so it looks like they've just walked onto the
      monitor. I'm using que points to time other things on screen with
      what's being said in the video, and at a certain point I have to move
      the video off-stage so that words can cover where the video was.

      When I use an MPEG video via the DirectMedia Xtra I get a black flash
      when the video is moved (my stage is white).

      When I use an AVI video I don't get the black flash, but when the video
      is over it tries to repeat a couple of words. What I mean by that is
      that the last thing the video says should be, "Now, let's get started."
      But instead it says, "Now, let's get started. Let's ge," and then the
      program continues as it should.

      Any of you have any ideas what might cause either of those problems? I
      prefer not to use QuickTime if possible, because I hate requiring people
      to have certain drivers before running my programs.

      Thanks for any help!!!