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    How can I print color separations with javascript?


      I'm looking to create a javascript to automate some repetitive printing I have to do, but I need to be able to print separations.


      Below is the only information I can find on advanced settings, which really doesn't help much. Any insight would be appreciated.


      Setting advanced print options

      You can set the properties of the printParams object to specify advanced options including output, marks and bleeds, transparency flattening, PostScript options, and font options.

      Specifying output settings

      You can obtain a listing of printer color spaces available by invoking the app object printColorProfiles method. You can then assign one of these values to the printParams object colorProfile property.

      In addition, you can set the flags property of the printParams object to specify advanced output settings, such as applying proof settings, shown in the example below:

      var pp = this.getPrintParams();

      var fv = pp.constants.flagValues;

      pp.flags |= fv.applySoftProofSettings;