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    compared to LR5 LR6 appears to be using lots of virtual memory 1608 to 929. Is this why it runs so slow?


      I have used LR5 since its introduction without issue.

      I installed LR6 a week or so ago.

      I am running in as 64 bit using a laptop with 4 Gb of RAM

      It takes an age to first load.

      I get  a Server Busy message which i believe indicates it is always looking for an internet connection, Why?


      When in develop mode if I try and use the gradient tool the screen clears and then comes back as before.

      It is as if it is short of memory.


      Not sure if relevant but if I run back to back tests LR% is using 929 Mb of virtual memory but LR6 1608 MB.


      Any thought on what may be the issue?