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    Indesign Cs 6 Me Type Tool Problems ! Help pls

    GutuieLeGrande Level 1

      Hello there, I am working with Indesign cs 6, and i started noticing something weird few weeks ago. Me Type Tool, when i select and start writing, on the Top bar, just above Align Left/center/right, there ar 2 small butons, Left to right, and right to left.

      It used to be Left to right, now for some reason its Right to left and i don't know how to set the default to Left to right....

      I though those programs usually save the data when you close them and start again. But each time i want to write i get Right to left as default and is really anoying having to modify every text box ....

      I searched a bit in preferences, i found one called Right to Left , and a box to check that says : Force by keyboard input or something like that . I checked it , still dosen't work. My keyboard language is Spanish international.... Any ideeas ?