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    zooming a loaded bitmap around the image center

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      I try to zoom a loaded PNG where the center of the image stays at the
      middle of the stage.

      I don't know everyting I do leads me to a clip moving away from the
      center of the stage.

      What I do is zooming a clip that contains the clip that is loaded. I set
      the loaded Clip at the negative half of its size, so it should aprear in
      the middle.



      //picLoaded() < it is called from the clip
      // pic_container_mc at onLoad event
      // when the bytestotal are > 1000
      function picLoaded(){
      pic_container_mc._alpha = 0;
      pic_container_mc.onEnterFrame= function(){
      this._alpha = this._alpha * 1,2;
      _parent._yscale = _parent._xscale;

      w = pic_container_mc._width;
      h = pic_container_mc._height;

      pic_container_mc._x = - w/2;
      pic_container_mc._y = - h/2;

      // half of the strange size
      this._x = 512;
      this._y = 384;


      Any ideas?