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    Every time I try to open a file, it closes InDesign immediately, after telling me the file may be broken or something.


      WHAT the heck is going on? This file is really important and I'm going to get in trouble if I don't get it done on time. I was ahead of schedule on this project and then this happened and now I can't even open the file. I've also sent it to my co-worker to see if they could open it on their InDesign and the same thing happened. When it happened with the first file, I tried opening another to see if it was just that file and now it is happening to that same file. I've got it to open other files now, but it seems like I destroyed two in the process (How did this happen, I do not know. All I did was try to open the files.) Both files are crucial. I NEED them repaired.



      It's CS5. Nothing weird happened when I last closed the file (I had saved it, closed it, closed InDesign, and restarted the computer. That's it.)

      I have Mac OX Lion.

      I've since tried restarting, resetting the preferences (cmd+opt+ctrl+shift right after opening InDesign), verifying disk, repairing disk and repairing permissions.


      Please help me!