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    Adobe CEF Helper

    _bernard_ Level 3

      This again.


      It's been a constant 10+% hit on my CPU (on two different Macs). Have updated the app, as is widely reported, and the CPU hit has now increased to 15+% (it is not syncing anything, no Adobe apps are open).


      I thought this was resolved some time ago, no?  

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You should find the forum for whichever product this concerns and post your question(s) there.


          Here is a link to a page that has links to all Adobe forums...


          Forum links page: https://forums.adobe.com/welcome

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            We are several out here having this problem it seems. I haven't found any clue in any other forum regarding Adobe CEF Helper, so would you please direct me where to find a hint. Or even better, provide an answer to what Adobe CEF Helper really is, it is annoying. Thanks.

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              _bernard_ Level 3

              Ned, the app concerns the Creative Cloud (App) ... therefore this ought to be a perfectly reasonable place to pose the question. Unless I (and apparently many others) misunderstand the CC app there is clearly an ongoing problem.


              I would like a definitive answer to solve the issue, or lacking that, an explanation of why this remains problematic and when we can expect it to be solved.


              I'd hate to think I am paying for beta software.

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                I agree. It's not helpful to be told to post in the correct forum without telling us what the right forum is. It's not as if this question is being asked in an obviously wrong forum. If CEF Helper doesn't help the end user, I'd at least like to know that so I can confidently shut it down. If it serves some vital service, I want to know that. What I don't want is to suffer a 10-20% CPU tax for running an app I'm not actively using.

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                  Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Sorry folks... I never heard of Adobe CEF Helper so I haven't a clue what product or forum it might relate.  If it has something to do with the CC desktop manager app then I agree that this is the proper forum to discuss it.  You might try contacting one of the staff folks by private message to point them to this posting if no one else is able to offer any resolution.  They normally monitor the postings in this forum so it is a bit surprising they have not jumped on this like most others they do.