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    external text in a vertical "news" scroller-can't get it to work!

      Hey there,
      Ok, so I am somewhat novice to flash, but I have kind of come up against a wall here. I have a swf file that will be functioning as my website. It calls another swf that acts as a "news ticker" with vertically scrolling text.
      I have two problems:
      1-the newsticker by itself works good, except that the text scrolls beyond the limits of the dynamic text box I created to put it in. I have tried to mask it, but that doesn't seem to be working (though I could be doing it wrong...)

      2-When I test the main swf, and it calls up my news ticker swf, the text in the newsticker is there, but it doesn't scroll at all.

      I have put the fla's and the referenced text file on a webpage where they can be accessed:

      If anyone has any suggestions on the masking and the non-functional scrolling, I would be very grateful. I have been combing forums and tutorials for a while, and haven't figured it out yet!!