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    Installing Premiere Elements 9 seems to be successful.  Booting the software yields Error Code: 1


      I have two separate Photoshop/PE 9 boxes with different serials.  I used one of them on my old computer just fine, the other has never been used.  Both boxes seem to install, I reboot the OS (Win 7), and then am unable to open the program.  What gives?  My system exceeds all the requirements for RAM and processing speed.


      Photoshop Elements from both boxes works just fine.


      I've tried JUST disc 1, as well as a combination of both discs.  Same dialog.  Can't find Error Code 1 anywhere.


      I can reinstall it and screenshot the error dialog if need be.  It just tells me to uninstall and reinstall.  I can give any additional info needed as well.


      EDIT:  screenshot of the dialog.  PSE and PRE both need to be updated but the update fails with no reason given. Would that be the cause?  Anyone?errorcode1.png