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    Can you combine one CHM product help and page level help?

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      Hello. For years at another job, the help I created was for each page/form. Now, at my new company, we do not have page/form level help. Instead, I deliver one .chm file for each product.

      Is there anyway to combine them? My boss was wondering if that could work for a future release with some new and more complex functionality. For instance, if one particular form was very complicated, could I include a page-level help file (.html I presume) just for that form (or even a few forms)? Or would I have to do something to the entire project and make all non-conceptual topics be called from a file name (that Develkopment links in) for each form?

      Any wisdom would be appreciated. I have never been posed with the notion of combining these two types of deliverables and was curious. Thanks.