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    Copy Photos to a New Location and Import option missing

    REDennis Level 1

      No doubt this has been asked before, however I'm having difficulty finding a solution in the forums.


      Trying to import photos from a Laptop catalog into my Desktop system (physically copy photos from the networked Laptop's second (data) drive), I choose the Import from another catalog option at the Desktop machine.


      Find the catalog across the network, no problem (note: the target catalog is on the same Laptop data drive as the photo files; it is not on the Laptop C: drive).  I can choose the catalog from my Desktop machine, and on import it finds all the Laptop catalog folders and photos.  However, the "Copy Photos to a New Location and Import" option is not present, which is the action I wish to take.


      What's the workaround? 


      And, rhetorically, Why doesn't Adobe make this a more straightforward process in Lightroom?  End users are not all computer engineers....


      Thanks in advance for any assist.