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    .asr pages and Flash forms

      I have a Flash cfform that has ActionScript the includes a "#include 'my_asr_page.asr'" statement. My .asr page works fine with the form, but when I make changes to the .asr page and re-upload it, my form doesn't recognize the changes I made to the .asr page. Refreshing both pages does not work. I can even delete the .asr page completely from my server, refresh the form page, and the form still processes the ActionScript! How can this be? Does the content of the .asr page get stored somewhere else, either on my server or local browser computer? How do I refresh the code with updates?

      I can upload an entirely new .asr page with a new name, and change the #include link. But that gets tedious fast when I'm making lots of changes to the .asr page and would like to see the resulting processing changes in the form in my browser.

      Any help or ideas?