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    indesign to ipad solutions

    Johnny hates jazz

      i hope that some one can help me here. i am a graphics designer, but i am a bit old school and come from the print side and just now trying to get my head around the digital world.

      i have a 228 page document that i have totally completed.

      i have done it in iPad size vertical.

      basically i am having all sorts of trouble even after watching a bunch to tutorials in getting my head around getting it to output to epub and ready to put up as a iPad app.

      so here is what i am needing to know.

      * there is confusion between vertical and horizontal layout. i tried to convert to horizontal, but it looks aweful. should i leave it as vertical and NOT do horizontal?? if so, can you then see 2 smaller side by side pages that are screen size on the iPad?

      * do i now have to go back and break up the 228 page document into separate articles, then insert via folio builder into one master book document as separate chapters??

      * if i do the above i now think i have to use the (TOC) table of contents builder, which i then assume builds the side navigational items for iPad to display with poster image???

      * a number of interactive elements do not work when i preview on desktop. to see these work, do i have to preview on an iPad?

      * can i link up my windows tablet to my mac and be able to preview the book and features this way???? i know i need adobe reader on the windows tablet....

      * when get all this finished, can i use the same pub document/book for use on samsung, windows, android apps, amazon etc???

      * is it true that you can not have a fully interactive app like a magazine on web???

      *  if i wanted to do a fully interactive document, am i only limited to tablets and mobile phones?

      * when i set up my next document, what should i set up horizontal or vertical???


      every time i think i have all this sorted and can finish up this project, i come across some sort of problem.

      i am way overdue with this and it is doing my head in.

      if anyone wants to email me, please use info@radcustomclothing.com


      thanks for any help in advance..