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    Selecting a photo now almost always selects two


      I'm almost positive this is new behavior (as in: as of CC/6).  When selecting a photo (either at the bottom or in grid view), it always leaves the LAST photo selected as well.  There are also these strange white and black diamonds at the top right of each thumbnail selected.  I just played with it for the last ~10 minutes.  I have NO clue what it's doing other than serving as the two photos for "survey view".  That's all well and good, but when I'm NOT in survey view, I'd like to NOT have to wrestle with making simple selections. 


      I believe I've checked every setting that could be related to this.  Am I missing something?  A secret shortcut key?  Is this a known bug? 


      This is hilariously super irritating.  It's making me a bit crazy.