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    We are moving from RH9 for Word to RH9 HTML and there is an issue with spreadsheets


      Actually have a couple of issues.  We have a number of projects with  lot of outside links so I found out that if I import instead of just converting everything looks fine.  Takes a little more time because the TOC and Index have to be set up and all the topics need to be imported but the Webhelp output looks fine.  This method works with all the projects but one.  The problem project has spreadsheets that have to be made in excel and updated in alpha order a couple of times a month..on top of that it has lots, and I mean a huge amount of external links (over 100,000).  First, I can't import it each topic in HTML....it locks up RH.  I tried converting the HTML doc back to word and that locked up too.  So first issue is how am I going to get the project from RH Word to RH HTML without causing RH to stop responding for hours.  I know it is because of all the links.  Some topics are 25 pages long and a few thousand links.  Next, even if I can get it all into HTML, when I try to add information to the topic I can't sort.  Any suggestions?


      I may need to keep RH for Word for this project and move on to RH11 HTML for everything else, but not sure if I can keep RH for Word if we move to HTML.  Does anyone know if that is possible.  Can I have RH9  for Word and RH11 HTML on the same computer..thinking not.  Did not have any luck with customer service.  The guy just kept saying RH11 is compatible with Word 10 and 13, but I need to be able to use word, not html, in the project because of the features in word.  If compatible means I can work in word, not html, and I can sort I may be able to pull it off.


      Any ideas?  The output in WebHelp.