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    J.R. Sykes

      We currently export our orders  from the accounting software to an OS X numbers spreadsheet and pull that data into our small newspaper layout for classifieds as text, then we have to manually re-format the data for underlines, bold, spacing, etc.. Trying to bring the spreadsheet directly into ID have seen the following :


      1.  The "place" function (inDesign CC) does not see "numbers" files (OS X), so we have to either export the data to a text file, or export the data to .xls. 


      2.  If we prepare the numbers spreadsheet, pre-formatting the data within the spreadsheet the formatting is lost when we place it within the layout.


      If we do no formatting, each cell must be manually formatted within ID.


      Clearly Adobe has a sweet suite of software here, but we have not been able to find a good method to streamline this workflow.







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