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    Mac outlook plugin and iOS app?

    Kaleel Level 1



      Will there be a Mac Outlook plugin and iOS tracking app for Adobe Send please?




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          bob.treitman Employee Moderator

          Unfortunately, Outlook on Mac doesn't support plugins. Until Microsoft decides to provide this, there is nothing we can do. (As a Mac Outlook user, myself, I feel your pain!)

          There are no plans for an iOS Send tracking app, but I will bring this suggestion to the product team.

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            Kaleel Level 1

            Thanks, Bob. Yeah it's frustrating. I hadn't thought about the no-plugins thing. Microsoft really don't support the Mac very well in general. I moved from a Windows system to a Mac and, whilst I absoltely love the Mac and wouldn't move back, MS products aren't as feature-laden as their Windows counterparts.


            Thanks for adding the iOS app as a possibility. I came to Adobe Send from YouSendIt when they jacked up their prices massively. One thing I miss (probably the only thing) was their app so that you could see the tracking info easily anywhere.


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