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    LoadVars() seems return nothing

      hi guys
      i wounder if someone can give a hand with my problem, the code is simple but i dont know WHYYY it doesn't work...
      Iam using a form in flash that send user,pass and other informations... to php script insertGET.php, this scripte insert the data in a table in mysql, all is fine, except i dont get the feedback from php to flash witch tell me all is Ok...or Not

      my submit button in flash :

      on(release) {
      var d = new LoadVars();
      d.txtnomu = txtnomu;
      d.txtmdp = txtmdp;
      d.txtnom = txtnom;
      d.txtprenom = txtprenom;
      d.txtage = txtage;
      d.sendAndLoad("../php/insertGET.php", d, "GET");


      i let 20 frames to give time that flash get back the confirmation and in 21th frame i verifie what iget back

      if(d.test == 1)
      gotoAndPlay(23); //all is ok
      else if(d.test == 2)
      gotoAndPlay(24);// something wrong
      else {
      gotoAndPlay(25); // i dont get anything

      in my php script :

      mysql_query($add_candidat) or die("Erreur sql :".mysql_error() );
      $test = "test=1";

      else {
      $test = "test=2";
      echo $test ;

      I am using Flach MX 2004 Pro