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    A sample project isn't working as expected for me in Chrome

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      I was doing some testing for TOC display errors I've been having in Chrome:


      WebHelp generated from RH11 has empty navigation panes when viewed in IE8, 10, 11, and Chrome. Any solution other than going back to RH9? (This thread - https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1830443 - didn't help.) Thanks.


      The TOC navigation pane is sometimes blank when viewing my own project in Chrome, locally, and usually, doesn't even display the first time I launch my project by clicking on the index file. If I click on my table of contents button, the TOC displays.


      I tested a sample project and I found these issues with Chrome:


      Project; SalesBuilder 2, webhelp.  No changes were made to the sample.


      1.  Search doesn't work unless I refresh the browser and it occasionally displays ,but sometimes doesn't display even when I refresh the browser.  (by doesn't work I mean clicking on the search button does nothing!)

      2.  Repeatedly switching between content categories causes the navigation pane to suddenly be blank.

      3.  When search doesn't display, it's almost always followed by an empty navigation panes.

      3.  When the navigation pane is blank, the table of contents and search toolbar buttons do nothing. 


      Does anyone else have this problem?



      Chrome Version 42.0.2311.152 m


      Hope no one minds that I posted this issue separately - I thought it was important enough and didn't want it to get buried in the aforementioned post, which I hijacked anyway, because it involved the sample files and Chrome (again).