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    Tab with Leader Dots to Text that Covers Multiple Lines


      I have a numbered list with copious amounts of information in it that is connected by leader dots.  It is very mush like a table of contents or a restaurant menu (e.g. "name of the dish" ........ $ price).  My case, however, has one simple nuance that breaks everything and is not explained by any of the conversations or documentation that I've been able to find via searches of this forum and the rest of the web.


      What if the leader dots lead to something that does not fit on one line?


      Here's an example:

      InDesign Problem 1 Example.jpg

      Basically, what I need is for everything between the Tab (which generates the leader dots) and the End of Paragraph (when I push Enter) to stay to the right of the dots.  Don't let my little example fool you, the lists I'm dealing with are very long and subject to change order drastically.  Surely, there must be a way to do this but I am completely lost.  I've considered just winging it and putting things in their own text boxes and forcing alignment manually through various methods.  But, again there is so much content and the order of it will almost surely change, so I want to keep everything in an editable, easy to work with format.


      Thanks so much to whomever might have insight or advice on what to do!