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    Sound won't play when exported using Phonegap


      HEllo, I have created an animation on Edge Animate which contains sound. when I test the project on my browsers (chrime, safari, etc), it works just fine. However, once I export it to the ipad using Phonegap, the animation will not have sound. The other elements work fine, except that the sound won't play.

      Am I missing some step or code line or plugin ?


      ALso, I am using the cloud version of Phonegap (Phonegap Build).

      IT is an app with a read along children's story for iOs to be played on ipads.


      i Am quite desperate at this point, i have had to switch from DPS to Phonegap in the middle of a project.

      ANy help is appreciated,



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          Phildsb Level 1

          Hi, is the audio set to autoplay, or is it initiated by some user event? I haven't used Phonegap, so I'm not sure what it does to your existing js but iOS won't allow autoplay of audio/video in mobile Safari so that could be the limitation you're coming across, e.g.


          might work, although it might need to be sym.$("sound").play(0).