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    Colour Difference

    Bruce AUS

      I've creating video transitions for a blu-ray menu. I've authored the blu-ray but the video transitions are a slightly lighter in colour than the menus that were created in Photoshop. You can notice the difference when playing the final product in PowerDVD and on my TV.


      I'm using the Photoshop files in After Effects. The difference in files is that the layers have been merged except for the button highlights to use in Encore. In After Effects, the layers have not been merged.


      I've tried to take screenshots to show the difference in colours but I'm unable to. PowerDVD13 won't let me take a screenshot of the blu-ray menu. I've played the transition files in Media Player Classic and taken a screenshot but there is no difference in colour when compared to the menu screenshot.


      I'm using CS6 and I'm still learning After Effects.

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          KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

          There is a compression to consider when making BD menus.   Although I've worked on several for many years, I don't author them.  I only design, animate, then send elements out per spec to clients.   If your transitions are extremely different from your MM or Loop, make sure you check your Color Management preferences & your delivery spec, they might deliver an animation that appears different from your Photoshop design comp.


          Make sure your MM and Loop are rendered with the same codec that your transition is rendered with?

          Double check to see if there's a strange alpha left in your transition?


          Checking the emulation will probably give you the best QC for color.


          Good luck.

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            imeilfx Adobe Community Professional

            Without screenshots or that exact file it is a little bit of a guessing game to help you. But maby it is because of a compression of that transition. I'm guessing that your menu is a static file (psd,jpg,png etc.) and transition is a video file (mp4, mpeg etc.) if that is the case the difference in colour will be caused by video compression. The reason why you are seeing that difference in some players and can't see in others is because different playres uses different encoders (codecs) that interpret colours differently.

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              Bruce AUS Level 1

              Is there anything in the project files that maybe causing the colour issue?