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    Help with Editing

    shirleydegcurtice Level 1

      I am a basic user of photoshop CS6.

      I shoot in RAW format

      I was editing photo's on Sunday and all was well, then I go to edit photo today, when they open and/or transfer to photoshop, a portion of my photo is RED.

      I know this is a simple fix but can not figure out what I did to make happen.

      Please HELP

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you are talking about in Camera Raw, that red that is being displayed is the highlight clipping indicator. This indicates that you are highlights are too bright and you are losing detail. Conversely, shadows that are being clipped will be highlighted in blue. If you don't want to see those indicators you can click on the little squares in the upper corners of the histogram. This will turn off the clipping indicators.

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            Andrew_Hart Level 2

            I don't think that is the OP's problem, Jim.

            Even where you have the Red clipping activated when viewing an image in ACR, that Red is not present when the image is opened in Photoshop.

            A screenshot of the image open in Ps might help show whether the Red is nevertheless appearing in the highlight areas.

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              shirleydegcurtice Level 1

              I appreciate the assistance - I will check this out later this afternoon.


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