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    Unexpected End-of-File

      When using the PS CS3 beta I get an unexpected end-of-file error when I try and open a theme I just created. I tried another theme and successfully imported it. I tried PS CS2 and got the same results. Any ideas?
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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          Hi Eric,
          So you get the error on both PS2 and PS CS3 beta but inconsistently? Any steps to repro?
          Can you also let us know, what OS are you using? Thanks!
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            erichayes Level 1
            The files I've had trouble with are themes I created (but I don't think I published them). The themes that work are ones I picked at random from the highest-rated category. I've tried two themes of my own and two themes from the community. I'll try creating a third theme and see if that gives me the same results.

            I've tried it in two computers running OS X. One with an Intel Core Duo and the other a Dual G5. I tested it in Safari and in Firefox. On both computers I have version of Flash.
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              erichayes Level 1
              Well, I've played with it a little more and I think I'm on to something. The two non-functioning themes were custom themes (not triad, compound, etc.) also I used the HSV mode in both cases.

              So I picked someone else's theme, moved the base-color around and saved it. I was able to import that theme with no problem. I went back to Kuler, opened the theme that worked, switched to custom, changed the color mode to HSV, and tweaked one of the colors. When I exported and tried to import the new theme, I got the end-of-file error.

              So far it seems to have something to do with picking colors using the HSV mode. There's so many great features in Kuler that it will take a little more time to narrow it down. Thanks for creating this great resource!
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                erichayes Level 1
                Today I opened up one of my broken themes, changed the color mode to RGB, made no changes to the colors, then saved it. That seems to have done the trick. Looks like the problem lies with using HSV.
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                  Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                  Hi Eric,
                  Great job on the troubleshooting. :-)
                  We actually do have a bug with HSV themes and are working on it. I'll post when it's fixed.
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                    Tim Strickland Level 1
                    We have recently fixed this bug with HSV themes. You can now download & use ASE files of any color mode without any issue.

                    Tim Strickland
                    senior kuler developer