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    Movies Crash Lightroom 2015 Release


      Since Lightroom CC updated to release 2015, it crashes every time I try to play a .mov file in the Library module. It just crashes the program straight away and I have to restart. Never had this issue in any of the previous releases. System is a Win 8.0 running SSD and 32Gb of RAM. The system SSD is getting a little full and I wonder if this may be an issue. Is there a log produced when the software crashes that will give me a clue to why it is happening? It does not seem to be a common issue judging be the paucity of posts about it.

      Any suggestions much appreciated.


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          I've the same problem. I've fast HP notebook with 8GB mem, CPU Intel I7, Windows 8. Playback of MTS causes OS freeze, but only if notebook is in battery mode. If power supply is connected the CPU is faster of course and OS freeze doesn't happen. With Lightroom 5 everything was OK.

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            wdburgdorf Level 1

            Same here. For me, it's not only Lightroom that has become unstable in the 2015 release. Also Photoshop now crashes once in a while and does strange things, such as randomly deleting parts of images. Photoshop also has become super slow. However great the new features might be (I don't know), currently the release is almost desastrous for me. I even installed an alternative image editor (Paint.net) to work with as much as possible, until Photoshop is fixed. A bit more difficult to find a temporary Lightroom replacement.

            Has Adobe at least acknowledged the trouble yet?