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    Lightroom 6 - can't move folders


      Hi, I just installed Lightroom 6.  My catalog has been optimised, I've opened the program and tries to move a folder to my drobo (with LR) it says moving folder but nothing is happening.  When I exit the program it won't quit and won't force quit.  I've been having Finder issues since updating Yosemite last week.  Any suggestions as to what's going on? thanks

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Try dragging the folder using Finder to copy it to the new location. Then right-click (control-click) on the folder name in the LR Library and choose Update Folder Location. Navigate to the new location and choose it. LR will automatically update the links and remove the old folder from the Folder Tab. You can then send the original folder to the trash.

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            ht78865811 Level 1

            Thanks 99jon.  I think the issues may be to do with Drobo and Time Machine and with the face indexing in lR6 - which is so heavy!  I've turned it off but I think there is stuff still happening in the background.  The drobo may have bad sectors on one of the drives.  None have failed yet but that plus constant Time Machine backups may be part of the slowness.

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              ht78865811 Level 1

              I reinstalled the drobo dashboard, repaired the drobo with disk utility, switched off time machine and have reinstalled LR and turned off face detection.  I will try to use time machine again and see if this caused the issue in the first place, so far though LR 6 is doing what it should.