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    Switch EchoSign to Adobe DC




      We've developed support for EchoSign, but licensing is too high for what we need from it.


      Our business case:

      Send a pdf document by email, recipient signes it and sends that back to the original sender.


      A sales person from here told us you could do something similar with Adobe DC.

      I read the plans and pricing, so I figured out that the Adobe DC Pro (or even Standard) seems to have many of these features.


      What I was unable to find is an API documentation to verify if it's possible and if yes what the impact on the current implementation is.


      Or even better, if there's some kind of steps to do. My guess is that it's in some form available, since (if I understand correctly) EchoSign is somewhat deprecated and replaced by eSign, which is again available in Adobe DC Standard.

      Only concern is that eSign is manual and cannot be automated (which is a must)


      Hope I made myself clear,


      Peter Schrooders

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          SimonATS Adobe Employee

          Acrobat DC pro/standard would come with an equivalent Echosign Pro subscription for a single price. It does not include any API.


          eSign services API require an DC Enterprise premium plan, or in Echosign terms a Global Echosign account.


          In other words, there's likely no cheaper plan than what you looking for in order to get API.