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    Audio starts playing even if preloader is there


      [when I am on slow internet connectivity or images are of larger size comes from server and taking time to load]

      Images taking time to load, so animation starts playing even if images are not loaded yet, to overcome this I have used preloader.

      Now problem is audio I have used on this page loads early and starts playing even if page still showing preloader.

      So it doesnt seem to work


      for images I have noticed until all assets are ready, edge min file attaches style

      .edgeLoad-EDGE-137360589 { visibility:hidden; }

      so for certain time it shows white screen as all other things it making hidden but animation runs in background, which doesnt look good.



      To resolve above issue, I tried preloader. By using it I can resolve above issue but it creates problem with audio. Even if preloader is there, my audio starts playing in background. [audio preload is set to false, but as and when it loads it starts playing not waiting for preloader to complete]