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    How Can I Float/Levitate Playing Card Pictures



      Would some kind soul mind informing me as to how I can produce a photo, similar to the following, using Adobe Photoshop Touch (iPad): -




      Are there any particular tools on Photoshop Touch that I should be focusing on? Is it actually possible to achieve this type of floating/levitating effect using Photoshop Touch??

      Any explanations, or links to tutorials, thoughts and comments, would be greatly appreciated, as I just can't seem to figure out how it's done.

      Thank you.


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          Jazzdude Level 1

          Can anybody help me, please???  

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            Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

            Quick answer: Compositing. (Yeah. I know.) 


            Longer answer: Seriously, if it were me, I'd probably take an image of each card in the stack and layer them accordingly after extracting and isolating each. (Check out PS Touch's tutorials as I think there's one in there about extracting/selecting objects from a layer.) To get the effect of perspective, you'd have to take each shot of each card at different angles. (e.g. Since the King is at the bottom, you'd take a picture of the King from an angle that's as if you're almost hovering over it. The Ace, since it's at the top, would almost be level when taking the picture.) This will take time and patience and would be much easier if you had a small studio setup with lighting that's consistent. (This would make it easier to composite if all your images had similar lighting.)


            One more thing: In order for that image to be more convincing, I'd add some more shadowing via burning. None of the cards are casting shadows on each other.


            ON EDIT: Forgot to mention: The dimensions/size of your project in PS Touch will determine how many layers will you actually be able to work with. e.g., A 4000x4000 pixel project will yield you about 2 to 3 layers max, whereas a smaller 2000x2000 pixel project will yield you more (maybe about 8 to 10). Keep this in mind as you'll need about 6 layers or more.

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              Jazzdude Level 1

              Thank you so much for your reply, Warunicorn.


              I really appreciate your comments, advice, help, and most important of all, your time!


              Now, to start the 'project'.


              Once again, thank you :-)