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    Curse of the blurry tiff file!


      Here's a weird one. I'm setting up an indesign file for print, and one of the linked logos, which looks plenty sharp in overprint preview, turns into a blur when printed or exported into a pdf.

      The linked file was originally a .tiff.

      I'd figure there was something wrong with the tiff file, so I exported it into a pdf and placed THAT. No good, still sharp in Indesign but blurry everywhere else.

      So I put it in photoshop and saved it as a pdf, as a jpeg, and as a photoshop file. All 3 did the same thing, great in, garbage out.

      So then, and here's the one that sends shivers up my spine, I took a screenshot of the logo. Now it's not even remotely the original file, it should just be the computers memory of how it looks on a screen.

      I place that and...same thing! Looks fine in the file, then blurs out when exported or printed!

      Help, this thing is driving me nuts!