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    PDF Generation for Coldfusion 11


      We just recently installed Coldfusion 11 enterprise. The code for generating pdf files worked before but did not work on the Coldfusion 11 enterprise platform. The code is like this:

      <cfcontent type="application/pdf" />

      <cfheader name="Content-disposition" value="attachment;filename=Report.pdf">

              <cfdocument format="pdf">


                        <cfinclude template="facultyReports.cfm">



      I got the following error:

      coldfusion.document.DocumentProcessor$TimeOutException at coldfusion.document.DocumentProcessor.processContent(DocumentProcessor.java:277)

      I also tried to use the new tag <cfhtmltopdf>, like this:


           This is a test.



      The server/page was just hanging there.


      Any insights are greatly appreciated.



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          BKBK Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There might be a problem during the inclusion of facultyReports.cfm, as the error message indicates. As a test, store the following file, containing one line of text, in the current directory




          Content of test file


          Then replace <cfinclude template="facultyReports.cfm">  with <cfinclude template="pdfIncludeTest.cfm">

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            Did you every find anything? I have a brand new CF11 install, fully patched and out of the box i can't generate PDFS using simple test case:


            <cfdocument format="PDF">this is a test</cfdocument>


            It just hangs until timeout, nothing in any logs.


            Also (i think its related) i can't add fonts through the CF Administrator, just hangs as well.