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    Limits on LR6 Edit Capture Time?


      I have to started a catalog for historical documents scanned in for genealogy research.  The intent is to set the capture time to approximate the date of the document so they show up in a chronological order.  However, I am seeing some strange behaviors in the sort order - a file that is dated in the early 1600's shows up later than a file that is dated in the 1940's.  Is there a limit or assumption about the earliest date which can be entered, or is this a reportable bug?  If there is a limit and i know what it is, I can get around it.


      Thanks in advance.

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          To test my understanding: You're importing scanned files into LR, using Metadata > Edit Capture Time to change their capture dates, and then their thumbnails in Library grid view are appearing out of chronological order?


          While previous versions of LR had problems with capture dates, and there is still an outstanding problem with scanned and video files to which Edit Capture Time has not been applied, I'm not aware of any problems with Edit Capture TIme.  So let's check some things first to nail down the exact issue.


          1. Ensure that you're sorting the grid view by Capture Time and not, say, Added Order, and that the sort is A/Z (ascending) rather than Z/A (descending):


          2. Does the date appearing under the thumbnail in grid view match the Date Time Original in the Metadata panel's EXIF preset, for all of the pics that appear out of order with respect to each other?


          If necessary, go to View > View Options and change Compact Cells Extra or Expand Cells Extras to include Capture Date/Time, and then do View > Grid View Style to select Compact or Expanded.


          If both 1 and 2 check out, then please post a full-resolution screenshot of your LR window in Library grid view, with both the left-hand (sources) and right-hand columns showing, and the metadata panel open to Metadata > EXIF, with one of the problem pics selected.  That could give some more clues as to the issue.