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    Trying to get a symbol to follow a mouse but it wont work.


      I have been trying to get an object to follow a mouse in Adobe Edge Animate. This is the tutorial I watched Paul Trani | Follow Mouse Movement in Edge Animate

      I have watched it 10 times if not more following every step he does making sure I don't make any mistakes. I even looked up examples that people posted in previous discussions How to get a symbol to follow the mouse? and my code and everything is exactly the same however in my project it WON'T WORK.

      These are the steps I did- I created animation inserted mouseover  and compositionReady code on Stage layer, previewed the project in browser and all i see is my little 1 sec long animation.

      Can somebody tell me what am I doing wrong and why is it not working?

      Here you can find Adobe Edge File: