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    Flash Mobile  IOS packaging issue


      I recently moved to a new computer and previously published an IOS app with flash builder 4.6.  I couldn't find the executable software to reinstall 4.6 so I moved to 4.7.  The new app I just created runs fine on the simulator.  If I create an ipa and drag it to itunes it attempts to load the app onto my ipad and then when I click it after the install finishes it changes to "installing" state.  If I try the approach install the application over USB option I get Installation Error: ApplicationVerificationFailed.  I have tried creating new provisioning files and making a new development .p12 file as others have suggested helped and I still have the same problem.  Let me know if anyone has a solution for me.  Thanks.--Scott

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          sar0975 Level 1

          So I solved the packaging error by creating a new project and copying the code to that new project.  It still failed to load on USB with PackageInspectionFailed error but at least loading it by copying the ipa to itunes works now.  One strange thing I still have to solve though is in the simulator the layout looks great for ipad but on the actual device all of the tabs are pushed in to about 1/2 the available width on landscape.  Does any one know how to make this variation go away?

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            sar0975 Level 1

            The resize issue was just changing the <fullscreen> attribute to false so it looks right now compared to the simulator.