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    Problems importing GoPro Hero4 footage into Lightroom CC

    Milo42 Level 1


      In LR5.7 I could run the import process and import video files (1080p 25fps mp4) from my GoPro hero4 silver into lightroom and do the LR video stuff play, trim, develop etc no problems at all.


      After the upgrade to LR CC when I try to import the GoPro Hero4 videos in the import window LR says "Preview unavailable for this file" and if you press the import all files fail to import with "The video file appears to be corrupted or unrecognisable, It has no audio or video streams". Also Photoshop CC will now no longer add hero 4 files to the timeline it just gives a "file corrupt" error.


      Now the files are fine I can play them with Windows media player and if I go into my LR catalogue to GoPro Hero4 files I have previously imported (under LR5.7) and were working fine are now refusing to play with the same error.

      I cant find anything on this on the web so Im guessing its a problem I have not a general problem, anybody got any ideas this is really messing me up although limited in video support the LR workflow was working nice before the CC update.


      Thanks for your help.


      Regards Chris.