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    2.0.1 Module Help Please

      After reading the module docs several times and running a few tests, here are some questions.

      Should modules go in their own project?

      Can multiple modules go in the same project?

      How do you configure the compiler options for modules within flex builder?
      Right now I am using Library Path, Link Type=External but looking at the compiler section of the docs it looks like you need to tell the module project where the main project is so it can get the -link-report=report.xml file from the main app.

      Please excuse my ignorance on this but I have zero experience with the command line compiler and the docs don’t cover doing this from within flex builder.


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          matthew horn Level 3
          Hi Mike, unfortunately, as you've found, the modules support in Flex Builder is not quite there yet. There are two ways to do it:

          1) Create a separate project for each module.

          2) Add modules to an existing project.

          For #1: You can create a new project for each module. Turn off the HTML wrapper and change the output folder to a folder that the main project will look at to get the modules.

          For #2: You can add modules as applications as long as they are in the same directory as the main application file. If you try to put them in sub directories, you won't be able to automatically compile them in Flex Builder. In that case, you can compile them separately into a sub directory with the command line compiler.

          I will be enhancing the modules documentation to include Flex Builder issues in the very near future.
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            mike2281 Level 1
            Thanks for the overview, I would like to clarify a few things...

            On option one a project for each module, this actually seems to make sense because you could change one module at a time and recompile. I believe I successfully placed two modules in one second project so for groups of modules this seems to make sense.

            With that said, what about the -link-report=report.xml how would you configure this on that module project to reference the main app project?

            I am using Link Type=External, for some of my class libraries, but I don’t think that is the same as link-report=report.xml, which sounds more like it looks at main app making sure you don’t load anything twice?