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    Mobile Sync and auto add questions


      I am just setting up Lightroom Mobile on Android. It asked me if I wanted to auto add camera photos from my phone to Lightroom. I sure do...I currently auto-upload my phone photos with other apps, but the eventual destination for my photo catalog is Lightroom on my desktop PC so using Lightroom to do it directly seem to be a no-brainer.


      However, a couple questions...when I look at the online instructions I see Adobe say...


      Lightroom on mobile is not a backup service. Lightroom on desktop does not sync your original raw files to the cloud and to Lightroom on mobile. Lightroom on desktop creates and syncs images to the cloud in the form of Smart Previews. Smart Previews are smaller versions of your original files, roughly 1.5 or 2 MB in size, and retain all the flexibility of a raw file. Changes made to Smart Previews automatically sync with your originals.


      So, I think I understand this to say that collections from the desktop are not synced as files, just Smart Previews. That's fine. But what about the other direction? When I add a photo to a collection on the phone in the mobile app, either manually or via auto add, does the actual file get synced to my desktop, or just a Smart Preview?


      Second, I see that the destination on the desktop for the mobile synced photos is in the C: drive under my profile. I keep all my photos on my D: drive as a data drive, and that drive is backed up automatically. C: is not.  Is there any way to choose the destination for saving the photos from the mobile app?