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    “Table Summary- Failed”

    taryno25703745 Level 1

      In a document with many tables, three of the tables result
      with a “Summary- Failed” notification in the Accessibility Check. I am not able
      to see a “edit table summary” option when I highlight the table and right
      click. Is there a way to fix this problem through the tabs?


      Thank you in advance for your help.

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          olafdruemmer Level 3

          At least PDF/UA, the ISO standard (ISO 14289-1) for universally accessible PDF files, does not require (nor even recommend) the presence of the Summary attribute for tables. Instead the idea is that the table as such must be accessible. If the presence of a summary makes sense such summary should be present for every type of user, whether they are accessing the content visually or through some other means (please do not assume accessibility is about non-sighted users or uses only). PDF/UA aimed to stay away from rules that are specific to selected user groups (that's what the 'universally' acccessible stands for - make it highly accessible for everyone).



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            a C student Level 3

            Hi taryno,


            You can turn this off this check in the Accessibility Checker Options so it will not continue to annoy you in the future. In Acrobat Pro, when you select Accessibility Full Check, you should get the Accessibility Checker Options dialog. In the Category drop down box, "Forms, Tables and Lists" is (I think) selected by default - if not then select it in the drop down list. Clear the "Tables must have a summary" check box.


            Hope this helps.


            a 'C' student