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    "New bookmark" and "comment" doesn't work

    bamijian Level 1

      So I did an Adobe upgrade; it lives on my hard disk and I have been using it for tons of things.

      Before upgrading I was running X.  After upgrading Help says I'm running 10.1.14.

      On Windows 7 Pro.

      Now I can't add bookmarks or comments, whether to files I already had or to files I just downloaded.

      In Task Manager, it shows the CPU usage revving up to 25% and everything freezes.

      I was having this problem when I started Acrobat until I found the instruction here on discussions about disabling Protected View.

      Now I no longer have it when I open files, but I do when I try to use bookmarks or comments and I suppose for all other tools.


      I'm sure Adobe wants everybody operating in the cloud but one reason I bought a laptop was I could still work if the power went off and when the power goes off, my internet goes off.


      any help would be appreciated.