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    Lightroom CC: When I make changes in the developpers mod with the brush and export the picture to jpg the changes are not exported. They are also not visible in the Bibliothek-Mode.


      I have shot a series of pictures in dark situations. As a result I have violet image noise in the corners. When I correct this noise with the brush tool in Lightroom CC these changes are not visible in the Bibliotheks-Mode and are also not exported into jpg images. I have also tried with other brush changes (e.g. 100 % desaturation) with the same result: The changes are not visible in Bibliothek-mode or not as strong as in developers mode.

      What can I do.

      Example: Sreen-shot Developers mode: Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-13 um 15.58.15.png


      Screen-shot Bibliothek-mode: (see right corner down):

      Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-13 um 16.00.06.png