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    How do I combine 2 separate LR cc catalogs referencing different photo files in the same file folder ?


      Here's my problem: I screwed up a complicated backup scheme for LR5 involving several different external drives and catalogs. Now I have valuable on-location .dng images on Drive A with some exquisite developing referenced in Catalog A. I wish to combine the .dng images on Drive A with  .dng images on Drive B referenced to Catalog B, so I can simplify things.

      It would be simple to simply enter Catalog B, and in LR cc move the images on drive A to drive B,  augmenting that drive; but then I would lose all that exquisite developing referenced in Catalog A.

      The only solution I can find to combining the  2 catalogs referencing an augmented Drive B, is to export the A images from catalog A to Drive B rendering them jpegs. Then import the exported .jpeg A images into catalog B. But this requires a .dng to .jpeg transformation that I wish to avoid.

      More generally is it possible to combine 2 or more catalogs into a cumulative catalog  with the 2 catalogs referencing different images.?