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    Switching Catalogs/Not Finding Catalogs or Pictures

    Odie Lover

      I have a Mac Mini with Lightroom 4.4.  I didn't start out using catalogs but have recently started.  I am trying to get back to photos that weren't in any of the catalogs listed when I try to change.  They are actually located in a folder in Pictures/2015.  I searched my Mac in Finder for 2015.lrcat and nothing came up.  Then tried to create a catalog 2015, but LR states that it already exists and asks me if I want to replace all the contents, which I don't.  How do I access these picture?  Any suggestions?  Thanks!!

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          dj_paige Level 9

          There's a lot of your description that isn't making sense to me ... however, if you try to create a catalog and LR states it already exists, just give the new catalog a different name.


          How do I access these picture?

          You access pictures by importing them into a catalog.


          I offer some advice now ... you would be much better off using a single catalog for ALL of your photos. Yes, I said ALL of your photos and I meant ALL of your photos. There are a gazillion reasons for this, the primary one being that its easier to do everything in one catalog, it's also easier to create one catalog than many. If you'd like to know more, just ask.