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    Policies that screw the customer


      As a massive fan and long-time user of Adobe software, I'm deeply frustrated to have to write this.


      I've used Adobe products for years and encouraged my husband to learn to use them by getting a Creative Cloud subscription a year and a half ago.


      He never learned to use the software, but carried the subscription for this length of time. It auto-renewed about 8 months ago and, without realizing it, he got locked into a full year contract.


      When we tried to cancel it, we were notified that he would be penalized $100 for the cancellation of a yearly contract that he did not agree to explicitly.


      This policy does not help the customer, it totally screws the customer. Now I'm so pissed that I don't even want to use Adobe products (and I've used them every day for the past 24 years!) I'm livid.


      The customer service representative who helped us was nice and able to give 2 free months of service so the $100 would end up being the same either way.


      Unfortunately, that does not solve the problem. I want my husband to be released from his contract with no financial penalty. Now. I still have my account and he may return one day, although this pisses us both off so much that it makes us think twice about it.


      Please Adobe, improve your customer service and do not lock your people into year-long contracts after they've been good customers. This is the golden age of customer service, this kind of problem should not exist.


      Can you please release my husband from his account without a financial penalty?